TOYBOX is a collection of 130 modular software synthesis blocks for Reaktor Player.

The blocks can be wired together in limitless combinations using virtual patch cables on the front panel. The blocks combine modern sequencing, sampling and digital synthesis with state of the art analogue modelling.

The collection is divided into 4 separate packs with tools for modern leads and basses, sampling, sound design, effects creation and audio processing. All packs, including the FREE pack are compatible with the free Reaktor Player.

OMG this stuff has seriously changed my productions

Jan Blumentrath

I want my boyfriend back!


These blocks are sooooo great!!

La Peste

Create powerful effects processors

Use the effects and modulation modules to create your own powerful audio processors

Sound design

Rich in features and powerful enough to create any sound imaginable.

Design your own powerful synthesisers and samplers.

All the modules you need to create a custom modular samplers & synthesisers for complex beats, huge basses and powerful leads.