Release Notes

Synth Bundle V1.1 update

Installation instructions:

Simply replace the V1 pack folders with the V1.1 pack folders. No need to use Native Access.


  • GUI improvements - Including a completely revamped GUI for the Piano Roll blocks with some new features and improved workflow. Plus small GUI improvements to many of the blocks in the bundle.
  • Improved polyphonic connections - Any type of output, polyphonic or monophonic can now be connected to any type of input. A polyphonic output can even be connected to polyphonic and monophonic inputs simultaneously.
  • 20 New Blocks, including: Real Verb, Box Verb, Wavetable (Polyphonic), Chord Bank (Polyphonic), Clock Multiplier, Gate Probability, Quantize, Sequential Switch, Split, Split, Transpose (Polyphonic), Voice Split, Keyboard, MIDI Out (Polyphonic, Mono Note Merge (Polyphonic), Mutes X8, Note Delay (Polyphonic), Note In (Polyphonic), Gate Merge
  • + Many small improvements and bug fixes



Toybox Bundle V1.1 Update

Installation instructions:

Simply replace the V1 pack folders with the V1.1 pack folders. No need to use Native Access.

Note: There are changes to a few of the the blocks that may effect backwards compatibility with previously saved patches. Keep the old V1 folders backed up in case there are any issues loading up older projects.


Miscellaneous GUI improvements

Granular Sample Player: Added ‘SYNC’ button: syncs the playback to host tempo. Speed control now works on FX mode so you can ‘freeze’ the incoming audio.

Added new block to free pack ‘Position’. Divides a phase cycle (from either the built in ramp generator or from an LFO connected to the input) into a set of smaller phase cycles. Use this block to drive the 'POSITION' inputs of a group of sequencer blocks.

Note merge block LEDs now work as mute buttons for each channel

Multi Oscillator pitch knob in pulse mode is now correctly bipolar.

Increased polyphony of Poly WT, Poly WT Basic and Granular Sample Player (Polyphonic) to 6 and the voices now dynamically switch off to save CPU

Added ‘Step’ input ports to Sequence and Chainer Blocks for use with new Cycle Divider blocks

Added ‘Mux’ & ‘Demux’ blocks to free pack: Interleave up to 12 control pitch or gate signals onto a single audio signal.

Added MIDI channel control to Poly MIDI Out block and pitchbend input port (only available from structure view).

Changed Bitshifter so that 0 = 10000000 which is more convenient when using the block to produce gate signals.

Individual pitch output ports of Chord Bank block now work correctly. Individual notes of the stored chords are now editable using the mouse or with MIDI input. Added ‘Multiply’ port and control that scales the range of the ‘SELECT’ port across multiple octaves for arpeggios and glissandos. (When using the ‘SELECT’ port values between 0-1 select notes 1-6 in the current chord, if there are less than 6 notes in the current chord then the notes will now wrap back around using higher octaves.)

Noise control on both analog and FFT vocoders is now a mix between noise and carrier rather than just the amount of noise.

OSC Send block ports now configured correctly.

Copy and paste pattern of sequencers can now have any pattern as a destination.

Gate Sequencer play button now overrides step input.

All sequencers, oscillators and mixers can now be disabled fully when not connected to save CPU in large racks.

Sequencers now give a visual indication of the active playing range by greying out non-playing LEDs.

Added individual channel gates to Randomiser block and added number series modes (Sqr Root 2, Pi, Phi, e etc).

Added 32 step version of Gate, Note, Value and Level sequencers and a new 32 step position block to drive them.

Sequencers, Buttons and Macro Presets block ‘pattern select’ ports now round down so they can be used in conjunction with sequencer step ports.

Added high quality oversampling modes to the Wave Selector block

Added more direction modes to Mini Oscillator block

Added stereo version of the Polyphonic Sample Player

Improved polyphonic sample selection of Polyphonic Sample Player when using drag and dropped samples

Added ‘LEGATO’ playback mode to Polyphonic Sample Player

Added NEXT & PREVIOUS buttons to scale selector on Transpose block

Added Solo function to 4 channel mixer (right-click on channel button)

Added Mute and MIDI control to ‘Master’ block

Adjusted saturation levels of 8 Pole Filter

Added ‘Selector 8’ block: Selects signals from 8 inputs.

Added ‘Router 8’ block: Routes signals to 8 outputs.

Added ‘MPE’ MIDI input block

Added MIDI CC and Pitchbend I/O blocks

Added LAUNCH QUANTIZATION function to all sequencers and samplers and sample players. Quantizes starting and restarting of the sample to the closest musical division when using 'SYNC" mode.

Added SHOW LOADED SAMPLES button to sample players.

Added 3 extra FM Modes (2 x rectified + feedback) to Oscillator and Mini Oscillator blocks.

Added 4 individual Grain Outputs to Granular Sampler and Granular Sample Player (Out 1 = Signal output for grains 1,5,9,13,17,21,25 & 29 .... Out 2 = Signal output for grains 2,6,10,14,18,22,26 & 30 etc..)

Added ‘Unison’ block to Designers pack.

Added ‘Short Delay’ block to Free Pack

Added high quality oversampling modes to the ‘Resampler’ block

Added loop controls to Sampler and automatic buffer crossfading.

Fixed Mod Pad SMOOTH knob resetting to zero when patching cables or reseting Reaktor.

Fixed Light Guide blocks switching off Blocks Base Util-Note-In block's Light Guide in some circumstances.

Fixed scaling of bend+ in digital mode on free pack Oscillator

Fixed stereo multi-band distortion being permanently bypassed.

Fixed init behaviour of free pack Oscillator block in racks mode leading to excessive CPU load when using analog mode.

Fixed Drums block ‘mode control’ label.

Fixed free Pack Mini Osc waveform display not updating immediately when direction control on options page was changed.

Fixed Sampler block record position sometimes displaying out of sync on GUI.

Fixed ‘Swap’ mode on stereo version of the Router block.

Plus MANY other spontaneous smaller additions and improvements! :)