Release Notes

Nano Pack

 V3 Released 17th December 2021

Installation instructions:

Download the updated pack from your user area then simply replace the V1 Nano Pack folder with the V2 Nano Pack folder, no need to use Native Access (make sure to backup the V1 Nano Pack folder first). 

New blocks added to the pack include:

  • Analog Circuitry - A collection of impulse responses of analog equipment.
  • Cassette IR - Applies a convolution impulse response (IR) of a cassette tape to the input. There are 9 different tape varieties.
  • Lofi DAC - Simulates the DAC of a vintage sampler.
  • Octivider - An analog octivider guitar pedal style effect.
  • Multi Saturator - A high quality saturator effect with multiple saturation types.
  • Overdrive - A high quality overdrive effect with 3 overdrive types.
  • Bell EQ (2 Pole Stereo) - A stereo, 2 pole, bell shaped, equalizer style filter.
  • Bell EQ (Stereo) - A stereo bell shaped equalizer style filter.
  • Supersaw (Version 2) - A new version of the supersaw oscillator. The oscillator engine runs in 12bits and the sample rate can also be reduced for a gritty old-school supersaw sound.
  • Static Oscillator - Generates a ‘static’ like noise consisting of a stream of single sample length ‘impulses’. Use the 'Resonance', 'Value To Cutoff' and 'Distance' ports to create bubbling / watery sounds.
  • Sample Player Lofi - A sample player with a vintage sampler sound.
  • Sample Player Lofi (Stereo) - A stereo sample player with a vintage sampler sound.
  • Sample Player Hifi - A sample player with extra oversampling.
  • Sample Player Hifi (Stereo) - A stereo sample player with extra oversampling.
  • Loop Player - A simple loop player. The playback of the loop is synchronised to the host tempo.
  • Sample Map Player - A low CPU sample player that uses Reaktor's built in sample management / sample maps (use maps to create multi-samples and velocity splits).
  • Conditional - Applies a condition for each step of the incoming position signal, the step will only play if that condition is met.
  • Repeat - The incoming position signal is modified by repeating each step. A repeat count of zero will result in that skip being skipped.
  • Roll - The incoming position signal is modified by adding repeats for each step.
  • Time Shift - The incoming position signal is modified by shifting the position of each step forward or backward in time.
  • Clocks and Ramps
  • Clock Multiply - The block will automatically interleave ’N” number of clocks in between each clock arriving at the inputs.
  • Pitched Ramp - A single ramp oscillator with a front panel pitch input.
  • Slow Ramp - A tempo synchronised ramp oscillator.
  • Maschine Triggers - Triggers things from Maschine keyboard mode.
  • MIDI In (Extra) - MIDI input with an extra port to enable or disable legato mode.
  • MIDI In (Mono MPE) - MIDI input with extra ports for timbre and pressure.
  • Polyphonic Aftertouch - Outputs the polyphonic aftertouch signal of the most recently played note.
  • MS Knob Recorder - A MIDI assignable knob recorder for the Elektron Model Samples groovebox.
  • MC Knob Recorder- A MIDI assignable knob recorder for the Elektron Model Cycles groovebox.
  • Model Cycles Knobs - A bank of macro knobs controlled by the knobs of the Elektron Model Cycles using MIDI CC assignments.
  • Model Cycles Play Pattern - Selects and plays different patterns on the Elektron Model Cycles and Model Samples grooveboxes.
  • Model Samples Knobs - A bank of macro knobs controlled by the knobs of the Elektron Model Samples using MIDI CC assignments.
  • Extra Panel Controls - Use this block to build your own custom Nano Block macro panel to control other blocks or connect to hidden ports of other blocks.
  • MIDI Mute (Stereo) - Passes audio only when a MIDI note is received.
  • Snapshots - Controls the block's snapshots globally both using a wireless connection.
  • Knob Recorder (Lite) - A knob recorder. This version of the block doesn’t have snapshots and therefore uses less memory and drive storage.
  • MIDI Knob Recorder (Lite) - A knob recorder with record buttons for each knob.
  • Knob Recorder (Free) - A knob recorder. The length of the phrase can be freely set using the LENGTH control and is not synced to the host tempo.
  • Switched Selector - Selects a signal from up to 8 inputs using Reaktor's 'primary switches'. Unconnected modules will be deactivated to save CPU.
  • Mute - 6 simple mute buttons.
  • Safety Limiter - Limits values above 0dB.
  • Velocity Split - Splits the incoming gate signal across 6 different output ports based on velocity ranges.
  • Weighted Gates - Routes incoming gates to one of the output ports. The probability that the incoming gate will be sent to any one of the outputs is determined by the 'Probability' knob next to each output.


V2.0 Released 8th June 2021

Over 150 new blocks including:

  • Container and Container (Advanced) - Use these to build your own Nano Blocks
  • 4 Op FM Synth - A 4 operator FM style synth
  • Boom Synth - A synth for 808 style kick drums
  • Snare 1 - A snare synth
  • Snare 2 - An alternative snare synth
  • Physical Modelling Synth - A synth based on physical modelling
  • Wavetable Synth - A synth block based on a wavetable oscillator
  • PD Fold Synth - A polyphonic synth block based on a phase distortion oscillator, a wavefolder and a low pass gate
  • Wavetable Fold Synth - A polyphonic synth block based on a wavetable oscillator, a wavefolder and a low pass gate
  • Default Value & Default - For setting default (normalised) values or connections for ports
  • Blank Panel - A blank panel with no connections. Useful for organising and tidying racks
  • Chord Bank - A block that stores a bank of 120 chords (with up to 6 notes in each chord)
  • Convolution Reverb, Zero Latency Convolution Reverb & Spring Reverb - 3 blocks based on Colin Browns brilliant "Viva la Convolution" ensemble
  • Sample Position (Raw) - A very simple sample player using a simple playback algorithm with no interpolation between samples
  • Divide - Divides the first input by the second input
  • 1 Div X - Divides 1 by the input value
  • Wrap 0-1 (1=0) - Same as Wrap 0-1 but if the input is exactly 1 then the output will be zero
  • Pitchbend Out - Sends out 14bit MIDI pitch bend data over 6 channels
  • MIDI Knob Recorder - A MIDI assignable knob recorder with record buttons for each knob, records the movement of the knobs as phrases
  • Sequencer Segment - A single segment of a sequencer. Daisy-chain several segments by connecting the NEXT port to the next segments RESET port
  • FM 2 Stack - 2 FM operators arranged in a simple stack, with one operator modulating the other
  • Unison Wavetable - A wavetable oscillator with 7 unison voices
  • 2D Chaos - A block based on a set of 2D attractors
  • Highest - Passes the signal with the highest numeric value. Useful for combining gate and envelope signals
  • MIDI Thru - Sends MIDI events received at Reaktors MIDI input directly through to Reaktors MIDI output
  • MIDI Thru (Filter Midi Notes) - Selected notes will be filtered and not passed to the output. Useful for isolating particular notes to be used to trigger actions etc.
  • Number Sequence - Incoming gate signals trigger a sequence of values derived from well known numeric sequences: Square Root 2, Pi, Pi (Hexadecimal), Phi, e, Square Root 3
  • Knob Bank - 4 banks of 5 macro knobs. The knobs can be MIDI learnt from a hardware MIDI controller
  • Looper - A stereo phrase looper
  • Beat Repeat - A stereo beat repeat style effect. The difference between this block and the Looper block is that this block loops the audio that was recorded AFTER the loop button was pressed whereas the Looper block loops the audio that was recorded BEFORE the loop button was pressed.
  • Tape Stop - A stereo tape stop effect
  • Single Delay (Stereo) - A single stereo delay with feedback and high and low pass filters in the feedback path
  • Shift Register - A shift register with up to 32 registers
  • Multiply 2 - Doubles the level of the input
  • Bell EQ (2 pole) - A 2-pole bell shaped equalizer style filter
  • Velocity To Snapshot - Select snapshots using velocity
  • Width - Adjusts the stereo width of the stereo input
  • Crossfader (Stereo) - A stereo crossfader
  • Crossfader (Centre Even) - Crossfades between inputs 1 and 2. When the FADE knob is in the centre the inputs are mixed evenly without any reduction in gain.
  • Level (Linear) - Reduces the level of the incoming signals using a linear scale
  • Exciter Envelope - A short bidirectional envelope. Use this envelope to create short sounds suitable for exciting resonators or pinging filters
  • Delay 5 & Delay 5 (Raw) - 5 completely independent low-CPU delays in a single block
  • Offset Delay - A simple stereo delay, useful to offset timing or correct latency issues
  • Gate Width - When this block receives an incoming gate signal it outputs a gate signal held for the duration set by the TIME control
  • Ramp To Clock - Generates clock signals from the incoming ramps signal
  • Pass If >0 - If the input is greater than zero it is passed, otherwise the last non zero value is held
  • Synced Delay 6 - 6 completely independent tempo-synced delays
  • MIDI Monitor - Shows the value of MIDI events received at the blocks MIDI input
  • Launchpad Velocity To Value - A block for Novation Launchpad Pro owners, will convert note velocity values stored in the Launchpad sequencer into control values
  • Resonator - A matrix reverb, good for rich, large and resonant reverbs.
  • Model Cycles Sound, Model Samples Sound, LFO, Track, More & Effect - A suite of blocks that send CC messages to control parameters of the Elektron Model:Cycles and Model:Samples hardware.
  • 96 Clock - Outputs clock signals at a rate of 96 clocks per bar
  • MIDI Clock Out - Sends out MIDI clock messages
  • MIDI Clock In - Receives MIDI clock signals from MIDI and the host (enable Sync To External Clock)
  • MIDI Program Change - Sends out MIDI program change messages
  • MIDI Program Change (Triggered) - Sends out MIDI program change messages when a gate signal is received by the Trigger ports
  • Bit Shifter - An 8 bit distortion effect with controls to shift, enable and disable each bit
  • Early Reflections - A convolution reverb block loaded with early reflection impulses
  • MIDI Clock Control - Sends MIDI clock messages controlled by a built in ramp generator. The block can also send MIDI program change messages
  • Micro Pitch - Blends up to 17 individually pitch-shifted parallel voices
  • MIDI Out 3 - Sends out MIDI note messages on 3 different channels
  • Exciter - A block that adds harmonics into the signal by wave-shaping a band-passed copy of the signal and then blending this back into the source

New Features:

  • Changed all LEDs to multi-coloured LEDs for better visual grouping
  • Improved 'Granular Sample Player' and 'Grain Cloud' blocks with advanced features and extra ports
  • Added 'Reset' port to the 'Pure Noise' block - Resets the noise pattern, useful when triggering short burst of noise to avoid tonal variations.
  • Added editable labels to 'Trigger Buttons' and 'Toggle Buttons' blocks
  • Added direct modulation to the PITCH control of the 'Oscillator', 'Analog Oscillator', 'Raw Oscillator' and 'Wavetable' blocks
  • Improved 'Snapshot Control' block, added 'Copy From...' and 'Duplicate Current' ports
  • Updated 'Atom Evaluate' block - With new 'Line' parameter (requires atom-tidalcycles plugin 3.15.0 or later)
  • Added 'Width' port to clock blocks - Sets the width of the clock signal
  • Added trigger selection ports to 'Select 8' and 'Select 6' blocks
  • Added MUTE and LEVEL controls to the 'Metronome' block
  • Bit sequencer changed to require a unidirectional input signal
  • Plus many small undocumented improvements


  • QUAD LFO - 'RATE' controls 2, 3 and 4 were not functioning correctly
  • The mute state (double-click to mute a step) of some sequencers was not being correctly recalled
  • Additive Oscillator - 'Partials' port was not functioning correctly
  • Phase Mod - Modulation indicators not aligned with knobs
  • 'Wavetable Oscillator' and 'Wavetable XY Oscillator' - Occasional crackles when using FM now fixed
  • MIDI Note In - Improved MIDI event handling
  • Buttons - Incorrect modulation assignment fixed
  • Nano Level (dB Stereo) block channels 2 & 3 now work as expected
  • Quantize block now working as expected
  • Step 7 of 'Level Sequencer' was not recalling correctly when loading racks
  • 'PD Oscillator' and 'Acid Oscillator' reset port was not working as expected
  • Recorder blocks were not functioning correctly when set to a length of "1/3 BAR" or "1/6 BAR"
  • Fixed polarity of 'Single Scope' block
  • '2 Octave' port of 'Pitch Range' block was outputting incorrect value.
  • Fixed minor bugs in 'Router', 'Selector' and 'Router (Linear)' blocks


Synth Bundle V1.1 update

Installation instructions:

Simply replace the V1 pack folders with the V1.1 pack folders. No need to use Native Access.


  • GUI improvements - Including a completely revamped GUI for the Piano Roll blocks with some new features and improved workflow. Plus small GUI improvements to many of the blocks in the bundle.
  • Improved polyphonic connections - Any type of output, polyphonic or monophonic can now be connected to any type of input. A polyphonic output can even be connected to polyphonic and monophonic inputs simultaneously.
  • 20 New Blocks, including: Real Verb, Box Verb, Wavetable (Polyphonic), Chord Bank (Polyphonic), Clock Multiplier, Gate Probability, Quantize, Sequential Switch, Split, Split, Transpose (Polyphonic), Voice Split, Keyboard, MIDI Out (Polyphonic, Mono Note Merge (Polyphonic), Mutes X8, Note Delay (Polyphonic), Note In (Polyphonic), Gate Merge
  • + Many small improvements and bug fixes


Toybox Bundle V1.1 Update

Installation instructions:

Simply replace the V1 pack folders with the V1.1 pack folders. No need to use Native Access.

Note: There are changes to a few of the the blocks that may effect backwards compatibility with previously saved patches. Keep the old V1 folders backed up in case there are any issues loading up older projects.


  • Miscellaneous GUI improvements
  • Granular Sample Player: Added ‘SYNC’ button: syncs the playback to host tempo. Speed control now works on FX mode so you can ‘freeze’ the incoming audio.
  • Added new block to free pack ‘Position’. Divides a phase cycle (from either the built in ramp generator or from an LFO connected to the input) into a set of smaller phase cycles. Use this block to drive the 'POSITION' inputs of a group of sequencer blocks.
  • Note merge block LEDs now work as mute buttons for each channel
  • Multi Oscillator pitch knob in pulse mode is now correctly bipolar.
  • Increased polyphony of Poly WT, Poly WT Basic and Granular Sample Player (Polyphonic) to 6 and the voices now dynamically switch off to save CPU
  • Added ‘Step’ input ports to Sequence and Chainer Blocks for use with new Cycle Divider blocks
  • Added ‘Mux’ & ‘Demux’ blocks to free pack: Interleave up to 12 control pitch or gate signals onto a single audio signal.
  • Added MIDI channel control to Poly MIDI Out block and pitchbend input port (only available from structure view).
  • Changed Bitshifter so that 0 = 10000000 which is more convenient when using the block to produce gate signals.
  • Individual pitch output ports of Chord Bank block now work correctly. Individual notes of the stored chords are now editable using the mouse or with MIDI input. Added ‘Multiply’ port and control that scales the range of the ‘SELECT’ port across multiple octaves for arpeggios and glissandos. (When using the ‘SELECT’ port values between 0-1 select notes 1-6 in the current chord, if there are less than 6 notes in the current chord then the notes will now wrap back around using higher octaves.)
  • Noise control on both analog and FFT vocoders is now a mix between noise and carrier rather than just the amount of noise.
  • OSC Send block ports now configured correctly.
  • Copy and paste pattern of sequencers can now have any pattern as a destination.
  • Gate Sequencer play button now overrides step input.
  • All sequencers, oscillators and mixers can now be disabled fully when not connected to save CPU in large racks.
  • Sequencers now give a visual indication of the active playing range by greying out non-playing LEDs.
  • Added individual channel gates to Randomiser block and added number series modes (Sqr Root 2, Pi, Phi, e etc).
  • Added 32 step version of Gate, Note, Value and Level sequencers and a new 32 step position block to drive them.
  • Sequencers, Buttons and Macro Presets block ‘pattern select’ ports now round down so they can be used in conjunction with sequencer step ports.
  • Added high quality oversampling modes to the Wave Selector block
  • Added more direction modes to Mini Oscillator block
  • Added stereo version of the Polyphonic Sample Player
  • Improved polyphonic sample selection of Polyphonic Sample Player when using drag and dropped samples
  • Added ‘LEGATO’ playback mode to Polyphonic Sample Player
  • Added NEXT & PREVIOUS buttons to scale selector on Transpose block
  • Added Solo function to 4 channel mixer (right-click on channel button)
  • Added Mute and MIDI control to ‘Master’ block
  • Adjusted saturation levels of 8 Pole Filter
  • Added ‘Selector 8’ block: Selects signals from 8 inputs.
  • Added ‘Router 8’ block: Routes signals to 8 outputs.
  • Added ‘MPE’ MIDI input block
  • Added MIDI CC and Pitchbend I/O blocks
  • Added LAUNCH QUANTIZATION function to all sequencers and samplers and sample players. Quantizes starting and restarting of the sample to the closest musical division when using 'SYNC" mode.
  • Added SHOW LOADED SAMPLES button to sample players.
  • Added 3 extra FM Modes (2 x rectified + feedback) to Oscillator and Mini Oscillator blocks.
  • Added 4 individual Grain Outputs to Granular Sampler and Granular Sample Player (Out 1 = Signal output for grains 1,5,9,13,17,21,25 & 29 .... Out 2 = Signal output for grains 2,6,10,14,18,22,26 & 30 etc..) 
  • Added ‘Unison’ block to Designers pack.
  • Added ‘Short Delay’ block to Free Pack
  • Added high quality oversampling modes to the ‘Resampler’ block
  • Added loop controls to Sampler and automatic buffer crossfading.
  • Fixed Mod Pad SMOOTH knob resetting to zero when patching cables or reseting Reaktor.
  • Fixed Light Guide blocks switching off Blocks Base Util-Note-In block's Light Guide in some circumstances. 
  • Fixed scaling of bend+ in digital mode on free pack Oscillator 
  • Fixed stereo multi-band distortion being permanently bypassed.
  • Fixed init behaviour of free pack Oscillator block in racks mode leading to excessive CPU load when using analog mode.
  • Fixed Drums block ‘mode control’ label.
  • Fixed free Pack Mini Osc waveform display not updating immediately when direction control on options page was changed.
  • Fixed Sampler block record position sometimes displaying out of sync on GUI.
  • Fixed ‘Swap’ mode on stereo version of the Router block.
  • Plus MANY other smaller additions and improvements! :)