About Us

Toybox is an official Native Instruments Reaktor Blocks partner. It set out to create a set of flexible tools to enable and inspire an exploratory approach to music composition and innovative sound design. The company is based in London, UK,  established in 2012.


David X - Designer

David grew up in Milton Keynes but now lives somewhere between London and LA. He spends his time building modular software blocks, writing songs and producing low frequency sound waves from the speakers attached to his laptop.

CinningBao - Testing and Sound Design

CinningBao first annoyed his mother by slowing down The Flying Pickett’s 7 inch single “Only You” to 17rpm and scratching with it. From his first Bontempi Reed Organ to his own home-brewed Bidule-based realtime audio effects and bespoke synthesis engines, his growing addiction to unique digital organic sonic textures will eventually result in resonant musical flowers sprouting from his ears, forever blocking his enjoyment of the audio arts. Until that moment, he has been beta-testing the TOYBOX Blocks for Racks collection and with that, having a small hand in the sonic spewings of the future.