Buzz Zone is a boutique performance-oriented synth with a rich set of features, cutting edge DSP and a streamlined modern interface for endless inspiration and experimentation

Features include:

  • 9 Powerful multi segment envelopes, one for each of the 9 main controls, with an intuitive ‘auto curve’ function
  • Streamlined yet versatile interface with all controls on a single screen
  • Deep analog modelling based on the cream of Eurorack modules and legendary vintage synths
  • State of the art DSP, with the latest ADAA anti-aliasing techniques for rich analog sounds without digital artefacts, even when pushed into extreme territories
  • Creative routing, unusual filters plus FM, AM, ring modulation and wave folding to create harmonically rich analog timbres, ideal for modern sound design
  • Extensive library of meticulously crafted wavetables and samples
  • Vocoder mode allows you to imprint tonal characteristics of the loaded samples onto the output of the Synth engine
  • Over 400 presets included from professional sound designers for everything from massive pads to modern drum hits
  • Available for MacOS, Windows and iOS (iPad only)

Intro price $24.00 $39.00

  Download for iPad from the App Store

  Read the manual

  Download Demo—MacOS VST3 & AU

  Download Demo—Windows VST3

Note: the demo version is fully functioning, with limited presets, saving disabled and without the sample and wavetable libraries.






Flexible Envelopes

Flexible envelopes, one for each major parameter with a unique ‘automatic curve’ feature to quickly dial in the exact shape you need, no need to move fiddly curve breakpoints or beziers

Easy To Use

Easy to use, intuitive layout with a modern twist. Not just another vintage 'poly-synth'

400+ Presets Included

Over 400 presets included from professional sound designers for everything from massive pads to modern drums hits

This is serious! Already trying it out on a song and sounding insane (Thump One)


Simple, effective and sounds f^@&g great, l have used it in a bunch of tunes now, really love it!!


Everything about this synth is amazing!!

Cinning Bao