Tangle Pack Lite (FREE)

Tangle Pack Lite (FREE)

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A light (FREE!) version of the Toybox Tangle Pack

The Tangle Pack is suite of powerful blocks based on legendary Eurorack modules, with some unique blocks for advanced synthesis and sound creation.

For more information on the full Tangle Pack click HERE.

Features of the Tangle Pack Lite include:

  • Great sounding and flexible Oscillator and Filter.
  • Powerful modulation blocks, including the Ramp Generator block, based on one half of the Make Noise 'Maths' function generator module, plus a flexible multi-breakpoint envelope generator and a collection of randomising blocks: chaos, brownian motion etc.
  • A curated selection of 'Nano' utility blocks, updated and revised specially for the pack.
  • A flexible global snapshots system. Snapshots can be stored for each individual block or for the whole rack, then selected and morphed using the Snapshots block. 
  • Updated Nano Sequencer blocks included for building generative sequences, arpeggiators or generating complex phrases. Multiple Sequencer Segment blocks can be daisy-chained for a ratcheting style step sequencer of any length. The Conditional block works using a similar idea to the ‘conditional trigs’ found in the Elektron series of groove boxes, great for organic evolving sequences.
  • Bleeding-edge dsp and analog modelling techniques.