Tangle Pack Sequencers

A sequencers in the Tangle Pack will generally consist of 3 blocks / elements:

  1. A ramp block that outputs a ramp signal slowly going from 0 to 1 that drives the playback position of the sequence. This signal is called the 'position' signal.
  2. One or more 'position modifying' blocks that modify this position signal, adding rolls to certain steps in the sequence, repeating certain steps, skipping steps etc.
  3. A 'Sequencer' block whose playback position is driven by this position signal and that outputs pitch values or gate signals to playback the sound generating element of your rack.

Below you can see a simple sequencer rack which contains these 3 elements, the 'Ramps' block generates the position signal that goes from 0 to 1 every 1/2 bar. The 'Roll' block is a position modifying block that modifies the position signal, adding a short roll section to it on the 7th step. The 'Gate Sequencer' block is driven by this modified position signal and outputs gate signals that trigger the 'Drums' block to playback a snare sample.



There are 7 position modifying blocks in the Tangle Pack that modify the position signal in different ways: Conditional, Fast, Repeat, Roll, Slow, Swing & Time Shift.

Below is a cheatsheet showing a rack that uses the 'Conditional' block. The Conditional block here is being used to create a 16 step pattern from an 8 step pattern by skipping one of the steps every other cycle of the sequence:


Here is another cheatsheet, this time the Conditional block is being used to enable a 'roll' function in the 'Roll' block every other cycle, to create a 16 step pattern from an 8 step pattern. In this example the TRUE output of the Conditional block is being used to enable the ROLL function of the 'Roll' block for that step by sending out a gate signal every time the condition is 'true':
In the rack below 2 Conditional blocks are used, one to enable the ROLL function and one to modulate the SAMPLE SELECT port of the 'Drums' block:  
Using the different combinations of the ramps, and multiple position modifier blocks and sequencer blocks, very complex evolving sequences can be crafted.